Nationwide Hazardous Management


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Value

Doing good business is about far more than just making money. On every contract, we develop a collaborative partnership with our clients and their stakeholders, to become a recognised and trusted member of the local community. We support our clients over and above the contract requirements including our social value commitment and supporting community events such as Open Days, Fun Days and Estate Days. Our added social value is inherently linked to our approach to our service delivery and a strong desire at the heart of the company to go beyond our core business and tailor our services in a sensitive and impactful way.

We provide employment and training opportunities and develop Community Engagement Strategies to provide maximum benefit to the communities in which we work. We have invested over £20,000 in community and training initiatives in the last year and fully support the communities in which we work to leave a sustainable legacy through engagement with local people which empowers them to influence and contribute to the kind of neighbourhood in which they want to live.


AA Woods are constantly seeking innovative sustainable solutions within what is an unsustainable hazardous industry. We are members of Brighter Compass, who help SME’s like us to make a huge collective difference, through small, easy to implement, incremental changes Brighter Compass are enabling us to focus on the doing part of sustainability.

We recycle paper, cardboard, packaging materials and we ensure waste plasterboard used in ceiling replacements is recycled through the British Gypsum recycling scheme. We also have our own mini-forest consisting of 100 trees within the Brighter Compass woodland.

We have made sustainable products swaps within each of our offices, from coffee through to cleaning products.

A recent bespoke solution was to install shower dispensers within our fleet of decontamination units which has removed the need to purchase plastic bottles of shower gel. This initiative alone saves the need to discard around 2,000 bottles per year. 


AA Woods recognises that environmental protection is one of the most important issues of our time. We use effective governance and defined standards to reduce our environmental impact and the associated costs.

To comply with existing and proposed legislation we have put in place procedures to ensure we protect not only the environment of the communities in which we work but also make a positive contribution to meeting national, european and global targets on issues such as reducing carbon emissions and waste to landfill.

We are committed to carbon and energy reduction. We annually set ourselves targets to reduce and offset our carbon and carbon related services an example being introducing electric vehicles into our company fleet.

We became carbon neutral in 2017.

People and Training

AA Woods are committed to building a business that supports local communities by generating real skills and sustainable employment.

We are privileged to work in many diverse communities across the country and we believe it is important that our workforce represents the communities we serve. We want to grow our business and that means accessing the full range of talent available.

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunities employer and continue to access the skills in local communities to ensure our recruitment campaigns are inclusive and accessible to groups that are under represented in our industry.

We welcome the skills and enthusiasm that apprentices bring to our business and take an active part in the governments access to skills and apprenticeships initiative, believing that the opportunity for people to be employed and learn a trade as well as gaining a recognised qualification is a great way for young people and the long term unemployed to enter the asbestos removal industry.

All employees have equal access to training, development and promotion opportunities and staff at all levels are encouraged to pursue opportunities for continuing professional development through membership of trade and professional bodies such as ARCA, CIOB, RICS and IOSH