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RDA Digswell celebrates 50 years

A massive well done to RDA Digswell our chosen charity partner who raised £24k at their recent event to celebrate their 50th birthday.

Digswell Place is a purpose built, voluntarily run riding stable for adults and children with most kinds of disability. The aim of the RDA is “to give the opportunity of riding to any disabled person who might benefit in their health and well-being.”

RDA Digswell is entirely responsible for raising all its own funding, with annual running expenses in excess of £50k.

A huge congratulations to the fundraising team, keep up the great work.

In addition to our ongoing support of the RDA, we have continued our charitable giving over the festive period, allowing members of the team to choose worthy organisations, as well as supporting clients and their housing tenants as we lead up to Christmas.

Toy & book drive

Lyde Green are community centre based in Bristol that supports families in the local area. They carry out a toy & book drive every year, and we provided financial support for them to be able to purchase brand new toys & books that they will be distributing to children in Bristol whose families will be struggling to afford Christmas this year.

Christmas food bank

Caerphilly County Council co-ordinate an annual Christmas foodbank appeal and has done so for several years. They have raised tens of thousands of pounds to support local foodbanks in the area, and we have been part of the financial support for Xmas 2023.

Christmas hampers

Paradigm Housing donate Christmas hampers to their tenants every year, and we provided items for the hampers this year for their tenants to enjoy.