Nationwide Hazardous Management


AA Woods are constantly seeking innovative sustainable solutions within what is an unsustainable hazardous industry. We are members of Brighter Compass, who help SME’s like us to make a huge collective difference, through small, easy to implement, incremental changes. Brighter Compass are enabling us to focus on the doing part of sustainability.

We recycle paper, cardboard, packaging materials and we ensure waste plasterboard used in ceiling replacements is recycled through the British Gypsum recycling scheme. We also have our own mini-forest consisting of 100 trees within the Brighter Compass woodland.

We have made sustainable products swaps within each of our offices, from coffee through to cleaning products.

A recent bespoke solution was to install shower dispensers within our fleet of decontamination units which has removed the need to purchase plastic bottles of shower gel. This initiative alone saves the need to discard around 2,000 bottles per year.