Nationwide Hazardous Management

Buscot Park Oxford

Buscot Park was built between 1780 and 1783 and is now the family home of Lord Faringdon who looks after the property on behalf of the National Trust as well as the family collection of pictures, furniture, ceramics and objets d’art known as the ‘Faringdon Collection’.

We were commissioned by The National Trust to remove hardset pipework insulation from the loft voids located directly above the main staircase. On completion we installed replacement insulated water tanks and reinsulated all previously removed asbestos insulation with Rockwool MMMF.

A bespoke crash deck was erected beneath the main staircase to prevent falls from height. Access within the loft voids was created via a further independent scaffold staircase erected external to the building.

Great care was taken to ensure no decorative finishes were damaged as a result of the remediation process, installing additional support decking and lighting where necessary whilst the building remained open (to the public) throughout the duration of the project.


The National Trust

Services delivered:

Asbestos Removal




Faringdon, Oxfordshire