Nationwide Hazardous Management

Middlesex Hospital Annex

Built in the 1770’s originally as the poorhouse for the parish of Covent Garden, before becoming the Strand Union Workhouse in the 1830’s, the now grade II listed building was the backdrop for the Charles Dickens novel and movie, Oliver Twist.

To facilitate the creation of 50 new apartments, we were instructed by Arc Build Plc to remove in excess of 1,000 linear metres of asbestos lagged pipework, decontaminate three large loft spaces containing asbestos insulation debris and pigeon guano, decontaminate the main boiler room and remove sprayed asbestos flock beneath two large asbestos roofs.


Ark Build Plc

Services delivered:

Asbestos Removal

Pidgeon Guano Removal


Covent Garden, London