Nationwide Hazardous Management

Tyne Tunnel

The Tyne Cyclist and Pedestrian Tunnel (TPCT) was Britain’s first purpose built cycling tunnel. It runs beneath the River Tyne between Howdon and Jarrow, and was opened in 1951.

This grade II listed tunnel was used by 20,000 people per day. These tunnels included the first purpose built cycle tunnel in the UK and was the first tunnels to be used by both cyclists and pedestrians.

When the TPCT opened, the Waygood-Otis escalators used to access the tunnels were the highest single rise escalators in the world, with a rise of 84ft (26m) and a continuous length of 197ft (60m). Today the escalators are the longest wooden thread escalators in the world.

We were appointed as Principal Contractor to undertake major asbestos removal and encapsulation works as part of a larger refurbishment upgrade to the TPCT.

Our works comprised of a full decontamination of the tunnel network, escalators, lifts and entrance hubs on both sides of the Tyne.


North East Combined Authority

Services delivered:

Principal Contractor

    Asbestos Removal


    Newcastle, Tyne and Wear